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So you have the one and only original Rotterdam Bracelet and of course you want to enjoy it as long as possible, right?

So take care of the following and it will stay with you even longer:

    • Please don’t bend the bracelet too many times and too wide, the steel will get lame at the weak spots (next to the crosses) and will break eventually
    • If you wear it together with your watch, please realize it can scratch your watch and your watch can scratch your bracelet. We are not saying that you shouldn't wear it like that, but just to let you know 
    • The Bracelet is made of 316 stainless steel with Gun Metal, gold or rose gold Plating.

Last thing, just realize that the plating  is a surface layer over 316 stainless steel…. So in time eventually the layer can wear out at places where there is the highest abrasion.

But most important… ENJOY!